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Enjoy using airguns for target shooting, practice, and sport! Customized airguns give you a look and feel that is superior to a stock airgun.

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Made with quality and care by an expert in machinery and engineering, these airguns have the precision, look and style that will turn heads.

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Completely legal and safe in responsible hands [*please check your local regulations], airguns are the perfect solution! These are not kiddie bb guns from the toy store. What you will find on our site is quality precision high powered, large caliber pellet shooting air rifles. Customized by a craftsman to various specifications applications.

Hand crafted and engineered with precision and decades of experience. Find our wide selection of quality airguns in our shopping section.

Used for sport and target practice

Pest and varmint control

Legal and safe



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Here’s what some of our customers had to say:

  • When I first ordered from Airgun Revisions, I did not know what to expect. When I received my gun, I was pleasantly surprised!

    James Pendleton
  • Been shooting with airguns since I was a little girl. I have a significant collection at this point, and my favorites are from Airgun Revisions

    Sue McCormick
  • My husband and I go target shooting and small game hunting and we have a wide range of air rifles (which we prefer.)  The quality and craftsmanship Rich puts into his guns is a cut above the rest.

    Evelyn Sparks
  • I enjoy shooting, and when I'm not shooting with my regular gun, and regular ammo, I like to tone it down a bit and shoot with airguns. They are safer, and when in a more populated area, I feel better letting my kids use them for target practice.

    Joe Pcyziack

Wide Selection of Airguns

New products designed and posted frequently. Keep our site bookmarked and subscribe to our newsletter. (We will never spam you.) Our site has all the latest info about airgun design.

Hand crafted and engineered with precision, and decades of experience, find our wide selection of quality airguns in our shopping section.

Used for sport and target practice

Airguns have been the classic alternative to powder burning firearms

Pest and varmint control

Get rid of those pesky critters, and keep them under control!

Legal and Safe

Check with your local authorities and be sure to respect local laws